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Arbexal provides project management services to its business partners in Hungary. By outsourcing project management the project goals are met faster and with greater efficiency, and labor costs are significantly reduced.

Our Services

We provide project management services to companies as external experts. Our efficiency, reliability and many years of experience enable us to improve your business performance. We have particularly extensive experience in the following industries.

Pharma Industry
Building Industry
Software Industry
Financial Sector
Food Industry
Other Industry

Who We Are?

My name is Áron Csejtei, I worked for several multinational companies and Hungarian-owned family businesses after graduating from the University of Economics.

In my experience, an external expert can perform many tasks much more efficiently than an internal employee. An external expert is not influenced by his existing working relationships, and is not afraid to highlight sensitive or unpleasant matters. An external expert can lead a project much more efficiently and thereby increase the efficiency of a company. An external expert is also worth more financially, since there is no need to employ him after the project is over.

Over the years, I have gathered a lot of professional experience, the key factors necessary for successful project management have been outlined for me. I look forward to being contacted by companies that would entrust the management of their projects to an external expert. We look forward to welcoming you as one of our partners soon.

Aron Csejtei

Csejtei Áron

Why us?

The cost planning of the project will be appropriate, the costs will be kept under control during the entire project.
Deadlines do not keep slipping. We weight the tasks appropriately, taking into account the chronological order.
Thanks to our control, the tasks will be clear to all employees for the first time.
The goals of the project will be successfully fulfilled, keeping in mind the interests of our clients.
Our high-quality services fully meet the strict requirements of our customers.
We provide fast, flexible and professional services to our partners, thereby improving their business activities.
We provide reliable and secure services. We respect business confidentiality very strictly.
We are a dynamic company that is constantly looking for new challenges. We are constantly improving our services.

Latest News


Business Consulting

We launched the website, which focuses on business consulting. If you need this service, please visit

Voluntary waste collection

We voluntarily undertook to collect discarded waste in the framework of “TeSzedd!”. Environmental protection is important to us, so we plan to participate in similar campaigns in the future.

Launch of our company

After long preparations, we started our activities. Our goal is to provide professional services to micro, small, medium-sized and multinational enterprises.

Project management is a specialized field dealing with the organization of resources and their management. The aim is to ensure that the goals of the project are successfully met within a given time and budget as a result of the work performed by the resources.


If you would like to request a price offer or if you have any questions or comments, please contact us! After your request, we will initiate a free consultation within a few working days, based on which we will prepare a unique price offer for you. We look forward to hearing from you, whether it is a multinational company or a small individual business.

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